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SoCal VWers: next Saturday. LA. REPO!

REPO! The Genetic Opera

ONE-night-only special screening
Saturday, Jan. 24th @ 10:00 p.m.
Laemmle's Royal Theatre

I will be there! The creators will be there! The cast will be there!

...will YOU be there??

Tickets are only $15, and they're selling out fast!
You can get them HERE......or, if You really plan on going, but can't afford a ticket, just PM me (or flag me here so I can PM You) and We'll see if I can help You out.  ;)b


if You're in the Los Angeles or San Diego area(s), keep an eye out for scary Repo Men, scantily-clad nurses (GENterns), and other blood-splattered street performers/flier-tossers.. I *might* just be among them!


Don't forget...NEXT Saturday, the 24th!

...even if You can't make it, tell everyone You know about it!


I'm going to be busy with promo stunts and other fun stuff with the SoCal REPO! Army, but as I'll be in the area for a few there a chance any of Us could meet up?



SoCal VWers, you want to meet CW.

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