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Struggling to Find a Garlic Vinaigrette/Dressing Without a TON of Oil: Help?

If anyone has a favorite garlic-based salad dressing/vinaigrette that doesn't use a whole lot of oil (would like to keep it to 1 tablespoon per serving, tops), please share...struggling to find one and just can't get the basic lemon juice, garlic, mustard, olive oil combo right without using more oil than I would like.

(I did find one on here that used flax oil instead of olive oil. Interesting.)

...and no-oil alternatives are even more welcome! Wink


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For a vinaigrette, I think you will have trouble finding a good replacement for oil.  You may be able to make other satisfying dressings, but not vin w/o a goodly amount of oil (vin is usually emulsion of fat to vinegar/acid 3:1 or maybe 2:1 or a bit less in restaurants to cheapen it.

have you tried adding tofu, especially silken style, into a dressing? for this you will need to blend it up with a blender of any type or use a food processor.  add tofu into blender and pour in vinegar/lemon juice, spices, add water if needed to thin it.  You may still want some oil for "mouth feel."  I haven't fooled with things like this much, tbh, but this is the route I would first try.  

Do you steer clear of avocados, too?  If not, perhaps try them in a dressing, but make small batches for obvious reasons of putrifaction.

It will heavily change the flavor profile, but tamari or Bragg's Liquid Aminos can lend an oil-like feel to dishes.

 doing some searches, this may be of interest:

sounds to me a bit sweet for most salads, but may be worth tooling around with according to your ingredients and target flavor.

this link has a few dressings, incl a vin:





Another idea is to use tahini instead of oil with your lemon juice, garlic, mustard etc.  It is still high fat but much healthier.  Otherwise, sometimes I forego dressing altogether and instead add foods like steamed beets or fresh fruits/dried fruits etc in my salads for flavoring, or just squirt on a little braggs.  

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