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Ok, I have a B&N giftcard AND a online company discount...what to order?

I need your help..
I have a $10 B&N giftcard, a 10% off coupon AND I get an additional 5% off through my company if I order online....Trying to figure out what cookbook to order that I will love and use! Any suggestions?

Some ideas that are jumping out at me are:

The Joy of Vegan Baking (I love to bake)
Isa's new Brunch Book (I adore Sunday breakfast!)
Vegan Planet (looks like a great, versatile resource)
VWAV (so many good reviews..and I love Veganomican)
Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World (again..sweets..mmm)
Carb-Conscious Vegetarian (healthy, healthy!)

I am trying to keep at paying $10-20 out of pocket after discount..

The coupons expire tomorrow, so I have to order soon...oh, decisions, decisions!  :-\

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