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Quake Dogs Rescued by Chinese Woman

I love stories like this.

"I think that dogs and humans have the same right to live. They're equals."

Chen's views about animal rights are radical in a country where dogs can just as easily be a pet or the main ingredient in a spicy hotpot.

She's a remarkable woman, isn't she!  The other day I looked for her site because people were wondering how to donate to her.  I don't know how to do that but I found her site, which is in Mandarin.  There is video of her on a talk show there and it has a clip of the dogs at the shelter near the beginning.  Just scroll down to shut off the automated music.  It gets annoying even if you can't understand what's being said in the video.  Wish I could understand it because she gets very emotional, presumably about the animals.  Dogs barking is universal, though!

There's also a picture of her in a large cat room, so it looks like she rescues cats as well which I don't think is mentioned in the articles on her.  Good for her!

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