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Puppy Mills

Okay... so i've always had a hunch that this one store gets their dogs from a puppy mill. Today i talked to a friend who used to work for them. She confirmed it for me. Shes actually witnessed the dogs being brought in... covered in feces, almost all of them had ear mites and/or some other sickness. This is so disturbing... and i really want to do something. Do any of you have experience with closing down pet stores and puppy mills? My mom told me i have to be careful when confronting them about it, because i could get sued. She also said that i should get more proof that the dogs actually come from puppy mills... the thing is, even if they dont... they are still suffering from abuse. They are in these weird cages that are built into a wall. Its kinda like a display case. There are bright lights shining down on the dogs, and they are forced to stand on metal grates. When they "go", it simply drops through the grates and sits there, so they are basically forced to inhale that untill someone is able to clean it up. Also, there are rarely beds for them to lay on; most of the time only the little dogs get the beds because they cant walk on the grates without their legs falling through. Soo yeah.. i really think i might try to take this on as a summer project... Does anyone have any tips on how i should start?

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