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Prayers needed for Cali again......

Cali is not getting better.

In September of last year, her mite could was 8 to 12 under a high powered microscope.  Last October 15 to 20.  I had her on conventional medication last September and she got really ill.  Probably had an allergy or sensitivity to the drug.  Then went totally natural.  She improved a lot but had a setback while camping this summer.
She had a skin scraping Friday night and her count was far from good.  Four scrapings were taken.  Her count was 9, 42, 31 and 8.  All alive, none dead.

I did the tea tree oil on the skin.  I did supplements, I did everything possible.

So, on Monday she is starting another conventional treatment with the blessing of the conventional/holistic vet I have been dealing with in Seattle.  She is the vet associated with the supplements.  She said it is time to put Cali on the safer conventional treatment along with three of the five supplements she is on.

Two of the supplements she is on remove toxins from the body.  As what she will be going on is basically a 'toxin' she shouldn't take the things that remove it from her body.  The other three supplements all nutritionally will support her immune system.  Sort of the best of both worlds.

Cali can not go on this way so I have no choice. 

I need prayers or positive thoughts that she will not be sensitive or allergic to the product as this is her last chance at something that can help her.  The treatment is 6 months long and apparently a daily regimen that has to be followed perfectly and one has to be dedicated to doing it.  My new conventional vet says rarely do people take pets with known mange and Cali couldn't have been luckier that it was me.  I hope she is right.

Throughout all of this, she will eat a stellar diet with healthy supplements.

If Cali can tolerate this treatment, the scraping will start to show live mites and dead mites too.  By the end of it, she should have no live mites.

I held off doing this because she did so poorly on the first conventional treatment which I now know was the wrong one.  I only pray I didn't do wrong by her.  I was just terrified to try another drug.

She will apparently get worse before she gets better but I can't imagine her getting worse as she is pretty bad now.

Cali will not survive if I don't try this.  The joy of rescuing dogs that you know aren't healthy.  Isabela wasn't healthy when I adopted her and we each gave each other 3 1/2 years of joy.  Cali isn't even two yet.  I could have many years with her if this works. 

September 23rd will be one year since she made a special place in my heart.  She will be two in December.  In 10 or 12 years, I hope that I can post that she is enjoying old age.

All positive thoughts, prayers or whatever you believe in would be very much appreciated.

Di, Cali, Harold Catarina Blue, Biko Robert Dela Rose, Tobi, Emma Orange Blossom, Smedley Hoover, Yellow Bird, Chickpea, Blue Bird and Blue Bird

Hee hee hee, I must really name the blue birds. 

How exhausted you must be--physically, emotionally, and financially. Of course we all send our positive thoughts, our good vibrations, and healing prayers to you and your ten furred and feathered.


Loving, healing thoughts to you and Cali and your family.


Thanks so much Bookmama and Firefightress!!!!!!!


Di, Cali is a lucky girl to have you. I love eagles....especially bald eagles & am sending you lots of positive thoughts & energy....strength of an eagle


Loove and hugs coming to both of you....


You and Cali are in my thoughts.  Positive energy headed your way.


Sending positive thoughts.


Sorry to hear what Cali is going through (and what it is doing to you...I know it all to well from dealing with Kara for the past few months..). It might be of interest to you to do a consultation with Dr. Goldstein (knowing that traveling there would probably be out of the question). Mange is treatable. I've done it time and time again with rescues. I know that what she has is curable. I am also wise enough to know that every case is different and a lot of what Cali is going through in trying to beat this has to do with her compromised immune system. Every animal reacts in a slightly different way. Giving her immune boosters as you've been doing works, but takes a long long time. I really would think about it Di...about doing a consult with him. Both he and my old vet Deneen in Florida were the ONLY ones that were able to come up with a treatment that started to work for Kara. There's a very very long way to go for her. Her progress has been very slow....but their treatment for her IS working. I do know that if I did not reach out to them both...she would no longer be in my life today. I'm 100% positive of it. That is literally how close she was to passing on at time. My local vet actually threw in the towel and gave up hope. Both myself, My  ex (Diane), and mostly Kara knew she didn't want to let go just yet. It's been baby steps.....but they all add up....very slowly....
Let me know if there's anything  I can try to do to help. I'm in Woodstock, NY for a few more days....but I'll be checking back. Good luck to you both...


I have been dealing with two amazing holistic vets and an amazing conventional vet.  They all agree that the time has come to treat Cali with both conventional and non conventional.
I have never seen a case of demodex like Cali's.  She puts the regular mange dogs to shame.  She is running out of time.  Time she doesn't have.  The four of us will be monitoring her and will stop anything that is doing her harm.  I have done everything natural for her.  Now I have to trust and believe that she needs both or she will die.  She doesn't have spot mange.  She has total body generalized mange.  I have done all of the naturopathic things which is my healing of choice.  She now needs more.  I wish she didn't.  I am going to lose her if I don't try.  I have to try and I have to have a clear conscious that I am doing the right thing.  I didn't want to do conventional.  I also am not willing to let her die on naturopathic.  I know how you feel about the conventional treatments.  I do too. Now, I have to do what I think is the best thing for her.  I have spent much money that I do not have and will spend much more money that I do not have.  I will continue to have sleepless nights. 
I have tried everything.  The tea tree oil didn't help at all this time. Not at all.  The immune building supplements didn't help. If Cali doesn't make it, I want to be at peace that I tried everything to save her. That is how critical she is now.
I have seen cases of mange over the years.  Not one dog with demodex looked as bad as Cali.
I hope you can understand my reasons for trying what I am going to try.  I love Cali beyond words and now...I am making the hardest decision of my life.  I pray it is the right one.  I know it is a decision you would probably not make but Cali is out of time.  In my heart...I have no choice.

Thanks so much for caring.  I will keep you posted.



Hey Di,
I am NOT against using conventional treatments when they are needed. I agree that there ARE times that regular medicine can do a world of good. I just think that most conventional vets harm dogs/cats more then they treat them. They actually create more problems then fix them. I did try some conventional meds with Kara... It just turned out that the plan that Dr. Goldstein and Deneen came up with worked best for her. We (my ex and I) had a real battle with one of the conventional vets we took Kara to for tests. The vet (who admitted that she had no clue as to what was wrong with Kara) told us that Kara should be on Science Diet K/D (old socks ground up into food+corn) that point should would not eat ANYTHING, she only was drinking why would she give Kara that garbage of an excuse for dog food....then she prescribed all these medications....when we asked her about them and why? (remember she had NO CLUE as to what was wrong with Kara)....she said that she knew what she was doing and that Kara needed all these antibiotics....steroids....etc! She then got into a debate  with Diane about nutrition....she asked Diane where she went to vet. school...I have to say this...I've yet to meet anyone that has as much knowledge about proper pet nutrition as she does....she owns a Natural/Organic pet Food store.....she reads and studies pet nutrition like some watch sports....but Diane (being an ex-lawyer).... let her have it. Funny thing is....all we went there for were some tests that Dr. Marty wanted us to get done on Kara...not for any medications!

I was just recommending a consult with him because he does practice conventional as well as holistic medicine. He admits on his website that there is definitely time for conventional treatments. It's really the best of both worlds. Kara's case was baffling and I feel that if he could help her.....he could probably help your Cali....that's why I mentioned it...

Take care... (and give her a pat on the head from me)....


Best wishes.  I'm hoping Cali will be o.k.


Di, you have to do what you have to do. I agree with you, if she were my dog, I would try everything out there that is available to me to help cure her of this mange.

I wish you luck, and I hope to hear that she's soon getting better.


Oh Di! My best to you & your animal friends, but special hugs for Cali & good thoughts & vibes coming your way. Keep us updated.


Di, you can Cali and the rest of your family are in my prayers right now...I think just the love that you feel for Cali must be helping her enormously. Keep trying! She can pull though it!  ;)


First thank you everyone for your kind words and positive thoughts.

Cali's blood work came back and although this is unusual in a young dog, she has Hypothyridism.  My new vet has been amazing with Cali and wanted to rule out any other underlying illnesses.  You rarely see this condition in a dog under five or six. 

Quoted from the info sheet she gave me: "The most common sign of hypothyroidism is a loss of hair, often on the tail, hindquarters or flank that is not the result of scratching.  It may range from a very thin coat to complete baldness.  Other signs may include dry scaly skin, dry brittle hair, bleaching of the hair coat, possibly oily skin, increased pigmentation of the skin, thickening of the skin, increased susceptibility to skin and ear infections, and high cholesterol.  It may also predispose the pet to a condition call "dry eye" due to thickened tears".

Cali has a quite a few of these signs The skin ones, the pigmentation, the baldness, dry scaly skin).  I am thankful my new vet wanted to test her for it and I said to go ahead and do it.  Cali is also lethargic, another sign and susceptible to skin infections.

So, she is now going to be taking thyroid pills and the Ivomec. 

Thyroid is a life time thing but the Ivomec is about a 6 month thing.

She also recommended putting her on a prescription non allergenic diet.  I said I would do everything but that!  She knew I would say that so has even started researching home cooked diets.  I am not worried about that because I have Pitcairn's book, Goldsteins book and an amazing holistic vet who can test her for things that she is allergic too. 

Her Ivomec has to be given every 24 hours so I have to pick a time that I know I can always give it to her so I figure 7:00am.  Her thyroid pills are twice a day 12 hours apart.  Her antibiotics are twice a day.  Her natural immune supplements are twice a day but they must be on an empty stomach.  The antibiotics must be with food and can not be taken within an hour of the natural supplements.  The other stuff can be with or without food.

Yes, I know, I didn't want to have a life for the next 6 or 8 months anyway!  ::)

None the less, Cali and I will get through this as long as she can handle the Ivomec. 

My BF takes thyroid pills and our very own Yabbitgirl!  I told the vet tonight, my BF has that.  He must have given it to her!!!  ;D ;D ;D  I have to find some humour in all of this or I would curl up in a ball and cry. 

Cali needs me now and do the other 9 furred and feathered.  Harold Catarina Blue is 19 1/2 years old.  She needs extra care and loving. 

I feel blessed that I found this vet and she took the initiative to test Cali for things that are not normal in a young dog.

They asked if it was alright that they took before pictures.  I said not a problem.  They have also been sensitive to me and Cali and when I get there, even if I am early they put us in an examining room so I don't have to have people stare at her and me and ask too many questions or think I have abused my dog. 

Dogs feel people's negative thoughts and Cali only needs healing positive thoughts in her life right now. 

Please continue all your warm loving thoughts.  Wendy my vet is praying that by June, 2008....I will have a mite free dog.  With the proper care of her thyroid, she can then live a long, happy life!

Once again thank you so much and I will keep you all posted on her progress!

Di and the motley crew.


I'm so glad she's pin-pointed it.  That's half the battle, knowing what you're dealing with. 

Lots of love for sweet Cali, you, and your lovely gang! 


I hope Cali is on her way to better health. I'm so glad your vet found this.


big hugs and hopes that everything goes well.

we are alll pulling for her!
:-* :-* :-* :-* :-*(for cali)


My thoughts are with Cali.

How are YOU doing? 


My thoughts are with Cali.

How are YOU doing? 

First I want to thank everyone! 
As for how I am doing.... I have people telling me they think I am doing the wrong things and then a conventional vet and an extremely amazing holistic vet telling me I am doing the right thing.  Maybe I should never have opened my mouth about what I am doing because I am being torn in two different directions.  If she lives and does well, there will be cheers.  If she doesn't do well and dies.. I will be blamed and will feel guilty for the rest of my life. 
I know many people that would have put Cali to sleep months ago because of the mange.  I adopted her knowing she had mange.  I sort of just want to crawl in to a cave with all of my critters and live life without being judged on how I am handling this.  I tried conventional (didn't work and found out the product was so not good)...I trusted my vet.  Then I went totally naturopathic and there were signs of improvement but she has worsened.  Now I am doing a combination of both (with a new amazing conventional vet and my holistic vets).  I don't know what else I can do.  I am maxing out my Visa.  I am turning down invites to go out to be at home with her.  Cali and I can't even go  on our mini vacation to Michigan in October.  I am doing everything I possibly can.  Needless to say, I am stressed beyond belief.  Other than that...I am fine.  Sadly, still smoking!
Thanks for asking about me.  I appreciate it.



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