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Have I ever mentioned how I hate people??????? A dog lover's rant!

In the last couple of days, some moron or morons put antifreeze in buckets of water put out for dogs at a leash free.  Two dogs are dead, four are very ill.  

Then tonight the news reported maybe they were targeting raccoons or squirrels as many have been found dead in the park.  Someone is so sick they put flowers in one of the raccoons hands.  Another raccoon was found with a dead squirrel in his hands and some flowers.

This park is very close to where I live.  Once again, fear has struck the dog people.  It was only months ago we had poisonings and a beautiful 9 year old husky (Byork) I knew from the leash free I go to died (as did another couple of dogs).  The poison wasn't at my leash free.  Nor was it at the leash free with the recent incidents.

A couple of years ago, someone put out poison hot dogs in a park and animals died.  I know my Cali puts anything food like in her mouth that she finds.  Hard to keep control when they are leash free.  

Once again, Toronto is scared.  The recent poisonings happened at High Park in west end Toronto so if any of you live around here and haven't watched the news lately, beware.

I say, catch the bastards and make them drink a antifreeze cocktail.  I am so sick of people that find enjoyment in people and animals suffering.  

OK, my rant is over but I swear to God, if anyone ever tries to hurt one of my pets.........

Soooo hope they get caught.  Total monsters, that's terrible


Words fail me.  :( :'( :'( :'(




Wow, that is awful.  JeanaCorina's little dog was (accidentally) poisoned about a month ago.  So sad.  :'(

No matter how much good we try to do for our pets, we can't control everything.  I have USDA health inspectors coming today to collect food samples (found blue plastic in my cat food) and local govt. officials coming to collect a tap water sample (found bacteria in my tap water).  I just want to go live in a little hole with all my cats.


This has been all over the news. I'm SO angry!


That's beyond horrendous!  :'( When they find the a$$(es) that did it, they should give them a dose of their own medicine and serve them an antifreeze cocktail!  >:(


I read about this on my rottweiler board, and it's sick sick sick.  I'm sure it's a "neighbor" or something to the park who's sick of hearing the dogs or having the dogs pee/poo on their lawn...people are so insane abuot those things.

Honestly, I really dont like off-leash parks, there's sooooo many things that can happen...and apparently poisoning is now added to that list.

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