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Animal abuse? Pretty sickening- warning don't read if you don't want to.

This is the story. Tell me what you think happened.

Me and my daughter we went somewhere and then we went to wait for the bus.Now the bus stop is like  right in front of this warehouse. Something catches our eyes that was by the tree on the property of the warehouse. I'm thinking it's two dolls, it was starting to look pretty real  out of the corner of my eye,I'm thinking omg it's two babies I look it better it was two cats.

They were covered with two dolls blankets. They were decomposing.

Now this what I'm thinking about I look at the warehouse it was closed. I was going to tell them about it. Most warehouses are closed on the weekends. How can something decompose from Friday meaning somebody shoulda saw something from Friday coming in to work.

And I'm thinking say they got run over in the road but two cats? At the same time?

I'm thinking this is a very bad case of animal abuse. I hope it's not any satanic rituals here.

What do you think happened? What do you think I shoulda done? I was thinking of calling the ASPCA

Poor kitties  :'(

Does your county have an animal cruelty hotline? I would call them (or the police) and report it. Since they were already dead and decomposing, there wasn't much else you could have done. I think those poor things should have a respectful burial or cremation if possible, but only after authorities check it out.

I'm sorry you and your daughter had to witness that. That's absolutely horrid.


You should definitely call the ASPCA! Though unfortunately those kitties can not be saved, the person (monster would be a better word for them) who did it will likely do it again.
Sorry you both had to see that......


listen to what happened.

I call the aspca today. I tell them about it. They go they could've gotten hit by a car if they were running together. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? :-X :-X

About the satanic ritual part their answer was there has to be more stuff around.

They could've been ill.

They told me to call animal control.

I call animal control. They told me to call the aspca. But at least animal control was much more sypathetic. I told them about what the aspca said. They said you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning about the car part.

Their answer to the aspca's part about the satanic ritual was not if it was done elsewhere.

I got in touch with that warehouse. I called them up and I asked them "I saw the cats on your property what happened to them? How did they die? "
She says, "I don't know but I called animal control to pick them up."

I call up animal control and I tell them she called yous to pick them up. Animal control says," We don't pick up dead animals the highway department does it."

I get the highway departments number and they go," We only pick up dead animals if it's on the highway not on anyone's property."

I thanked them and I hanged up. And I'm thinking what just happened here. I concluded that  I was talking to myself it made more sense.


WOW, talk about getting the run-around ??? Were the police ever notified? I'm not sure it would do any good after reading what you already went through.
poor kitties :'(


WOW, talk about getting the run-around ??? Were the police ever notified? I'm not sure it would do any good after reading what you already went through.
poor kitties :'(

I didn't call them. I am so suprised at the attitude of the aspca.

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