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Yummy Mac and Cheese

What you need: 

1 or 2 slices of soy cheese (either mozzarella or american, but I think the mozzarella tastes a lot better.)
a large box of a good vegetable or fake chicken broth (Imagine Foods makes a great one!)
elbow macaroni

What you do: 

Spray a little pam in a pot. Place the noodles in the pot and put in enough broth so that the noodles ARE not totally submerged. You want to boil the noodles in the broth and keep it boiling stirring in the slices of cheese ( you can break them up.) add more broth and more cheese and basically cook it until the noodles are done, there is no more broth and it is cheesy enough. The broth and the cheese form a sauce, that is really tasty, and sort of thick. This recipe is nice because it doesn't involve a lot of ingredients. Just make sure you watch the pot!

Preparation Time: 
15-20 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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Thank you for this quick and child-friendly recipe.  My kids love it!!!


Wow soo good. I wanted to use some soy mozzarella up and came across this, saw how simple it was and thought why not! I sauted onion, red, green and yellow capsicum together, then added the broth & cheese along with a touch of cumin, turmeric, paprika and a good amount of pepper + a little basil and oregano. I didnt use noodles, i just had it with some rye crackers and tomato + cucumber. The end result was pretty unbelievable! five stars


Wow, I am really going to try this recipe because of all the awesome reviews. I am NERVOUS about trying vegan 'cheese' products though, eep! I have heard stories. LOL  :P
I just purchased the Vegan Gourmet Cheddar flavor and Mozza flavor type of cheese. I heard the VeganRella is the best, but I live in Cow Country, so anything vegan is so hard to find. (Thank Goodness I have awesome people at the health food store here!).
I have Brewers Yeast, and was told that this is the same thing as Nutritional Yeast. But on another post someone said that it isn't the same. Any tips? I am not new to Veganism, but I tend to stay away from meat-like products and cheese-like products. It has been YEARS since I have had mac and cheese, can't wait!


Thanks for the tip about FYH at Wild Oats.  I can't wait to make this!


DELICIOUS!!! All the other reviews were right!! This is FANTASTIC! If you are looking for Mac and Cheese this DEFINITELY tastes like the REAL thing! I used the Follow Your Heart brand Mozzarella like someone else suggested and it was GREAT. I also bought some Follow Your Heart brand Cheddar but haven't tried it yet. I will post again if it's any better. I had to search for the Follow Your Heart brand but it is at Wild Oats if there is one in your area. GREAT RECIPE!!! Thank you for posting it!!


this is real good!  :)

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