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Wheat Gluten

What you need: 

Five lbs of unbleached wheat flour
Five to eight cups of water
Vegetable broth

What you do: 

Combine the five lbs. of flour and about five cups of the water in a large pot or bowl. Knead dough until water and flour is well mixed and the dough is a smooth ball. Add more water as needed. Cover dough completely with water and cover the pot or bowl with a lid or a cloth. Let dough sit overnight.
The next morning, pour all of the water out of the pot and replace with fresh water. Knead dough, drain water, and replace with more fresh water. This sequence will be repeated many times. At first the dough will be hard to handle and will keep escaping from the bowl. Eventually though, it will become a rubbery lump that can easily be picked up with one hand. This is the gluten. It takes me about twenty minutes of kneading to get this stage. Put the gluten in a strainer while you make the broth.
It doesn't matter what type of broth you make as long as it is very flavorful. A bland broth will not give the gluten the proper amount of flavor. Bring the broth to a boil.
Cut the gluten into smallish sized cubes. Drop each cube the broth and turn the heat down. The gluten will slowly rise to the top and needs to be stirred every now and then. Simmer the gluten for about two to two and a half hours.
When the gluten is done it should be strained and used within a couple of days if refrigerated. Gluten can also be frozen.
This recipe was developed from many basic recipes for wheat gluten.

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I have used this same method for many years.  I have a word of caution however,  for any one on a septic tank, that might want to make this very often, All that starch can fill a small septic system. I learned  the hard way. I still make it though, just not as often.

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