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Vegan Pizza Rice Cake

What you need: 

A rice cake (if you don't have any, bread works too.) 

Vegan Cheese slices of your choice (or shredded vegan cheese)

Pizza sauce, to taste (optional) 

Vegan Pepperoni (I like the Tofurkey brand, but it's your choice) 


What you do: 

1, Put the rice cake (or bread) on a plate. You wouldn't want to make a huge mess! 

2, Spread the sauce on the rice cake or bread. 

3, Place on a slice or two of vegan cheese. (Or the shredded cheese, if you used that)

4, Put on the pepperoni. You can use as many slices as you want, I like to use 5. 

5, If you want, place more cheese ontop of the pepperoni, then you can place on more pepperoni. 

6, Microwave until the cheese melts. (15-20 seconds)

7, Enjoy with friends! 

I was hungry one day, and didn't have bread, so this is what I made! Enjoy! ;D

Preparation Time: 
5 minutes
Cooking Time: 
Less than a minute
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