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Vegan Mayonaise

What you need: 

8oz regular soft tofu (patted as dry as possible)
2 tablespoon of vinegar (rice or cider)
1-2 tablespoon sugar (brown or turbinado)
1-2 teaspoon salt
1-2 tablespoon water
2-3 tablespoon oil

What you do: 

Blend all ingredients except oil. While the mixture is still churning, slowly pour the oil in through the top of the blender. Use your discretion when adding ingredients. Less for thicker mayonaise, more for thinner. The thinner, runnier stuff works great for fake tuna salad or potato salad.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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Very nice to have a reduced fat vegan mayo.  Tastes good.  Personal rating of 4/5.  I think I might add a touch of dijon mustard and onion powder next time.  Thank you for submitting this recipe!


This stuff turned out awesome!  I added a about a tbs. of extra vinegar and some fresh dill to make it even more yummy.  Perfect with chickpea "tuna" salad.


Not too bad for my first vegan mayo...  I was raised on Miracle Whip so I sound I had to add more vinegar and salt.  I only had firm tofu, but found with ample food processing, it was a smooth as mayo... ;)b


It was absolutely great! It tasted almost real. It was a great substitute when we didnt have vegenaise or nasoya nayonaise.


OK, some people were reporting on how theirs got fuzzy fast. I'm just curious about the types of containers everyone used. I used the old Nasoya fake mayo container, and it's got a nice airtight seal. It's still not fuzzy (although it is almost all gone!). One of my friends used it, even though he's not vegan, simply because he's watching his sodium and fat intake. He's one of my few friends without a tofu/soy phobia. <3


;)b I made it with a box of firm silken. OMG, I can't wait for it to chill. I'm going to have a childhood fave. Peanutbutter and mayo sammich! LoL! Yay! I tasted it before putting in the fridge (I used an old jar Nasoya came in) and it's better than the original! Great recipe!! I used 2T of oil, 1 of sunflower, and 1 of olive oil. Mmm... Perfect balance imo.


i decided to quadruple(sp?) this recipe before even trying it, something you shouldnt really do... but Im kinda did. I think I made too much though...  :-\ But anyways... super recipe. The only thing is that I but a little more salt and it's taste good with a tiny bit of garlic powder... (just a little) and if you thin it out a bit it makes a great salad dressing. Adding herbs to it is a good idea too. Kudos to you for this recipe...  :)


Super good.. i expected it to taste like crap, but now i put it on everything. I also added a a little mustard and it made it even better. Thanks

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