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Vegan Hamburger Cheese Casserole

What you need: 

noodle of choice (I like vegan shells)
burger-style crumbles
1 stick margarine
some soy milk
3 tablespoons nutritional yeast
1 table spoon flour
about half a table spoon of arrow root
about half a table spoon of olive oil
salt to taste
pepper to taste
garlic (optional)
onion (optional)

What you do: 

Sorry for not using exact measurements, and the ones listed are probably off, but just experiment.
Also, I make it with 2 pans. First thing, get the noodles on the stove, then find a small pan (maybe 8 inches or so) for the beef/vegan cheese.
Ok, boil the noodles and cook the ground beef as normal, not really hard to do and I feel it unnecessary to list how to. With the vegan ground beef though I add some onion and garlic powder as well as some cayenne pepper (or real onion and garlic would be better, but I was lazy)
The vegan ground beef doesn't take that long to finish, so put it in a bowl when its done and re-use the pan for the vegan cheese.
Vegan Cheese:
Melt the stick of vegan margarine and put in the olive oil and soymilk. Wait until it almost boils. Add the nutritional yeast, flour, and arrowroot and wait until it gets pretty thick and kinda weird looking. Then add in the salt and stir.
The noodles should be done by now so drain em and add all three together. it'll look pretty... unique and generally not too appetizing. In fact, therere times when you can distinguish the noodles from the meat from the vegan cheese and it all seems to blend into one big concoction somehow. Yeah, so its not too good on the eyes, but even my meat eating friends like it. They say it doesn't match up to the real thing, but not many substitutes do.

Preparation Time: 
20ish minutes
Cooking Time: 
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