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Unique and Yummy Avocado Sandwich

What you need: 

2 slices of bread
vegan cheddar-style cheese

What you do: 

Slice avocado and put it on the bread. Top with mushrooms, then vegan cheddar-vegan cheese. Broil until vegan cheese is very melty-then enjoy!
The exact measurements are pretty subjective, so use as much or as little as you'd like.
This is super easy and really delicious. Some of my friends also like to add some vegan mayo to their sandwiches.

Preparation Time: 
10 min
Cooking Time: 
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OMG, you really have something here. Okay adding veganaise or vegan mayo is a good idea cuz its a little dry. I cooked my mushrooms in Olive oil a little before putting in the sandwich. This is a good one and whats even better is if you add cayenne pepper. Spice it up. I love the taste of cooked avacado.  I will definatley make this again. It kinda reminds me of a vegetarian sandwich I tried at quizno's one time only better because its vegan! Your right .. it is "unique" Thank you!  ;)b

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Dangerously Delicious.... I was out of bread, so i opened a whole wheat hot dog bun, put down a thin layer of vegan cheese, then prob about 3/8 inch thick layer of avocado slices, some very thinly sliced, sauteed, portobella mushrooms on top of that, then 4 or 5 grape tomatoes sliced in half (cut side turned up).

I carefully slid the pile of goodness under the broiler, and got distracted by something else.
When the outer edges of the bread began to burn, triggering olfatory receptor neurons, i quickly retrieved the sandwich.

Very satisfactory. No vegenaise was necessary, as the tomatoes and sauteed mushrooms kept it from being too dry.

And i second secondbase's suggestion of Follow Your Heart "cheeses". More closely resembles taste and functionality of cheese than anything else I've tried. I like the "cheddar"... kind of. (O_o)


eviest: try Follow Your Heart brand. it seems to work the best for me in everything. i find myeslf using cheese quite sparingly, but when i do feel the need to add it in something, that's the kind i prefer@!

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