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Tofu/Rice and Vegetables

What you need: 

rice, your favorite type, enough to make 12 cups
olive oil, the best you can afford
onions - 2-6, depending on you fondness for onions
garlic - optional
firm tofu 1 block
celery--2-6 stalks
broccoli stalks shredded (you can use the heads too)
carrots - 3-6 large
yellow,green and red peppers - 1 large of each
zuchini green and yellow -2 or 3 of each
any other fresh vegie in season that you want.mushrooms etc.
vegetable stock - 1-2 cups

What you do: 

cook the rice separatly; cook the onions and garlic till soft in the olive oil. add the harder vegies first, when they have cooked a little, add the stock and the rest of the vegetables. cover and cook for about 10 minutes. Add the tofu cut into chunks and vegies like tomatoes. cook another 10 minutes. serve over the rice, or mix it all together before serving. Its even better the next day. the vegies should be a little crisp for more nutrition value.

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Cooking Time: 
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