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Tofu Cutlets

What you need: 

extra firm regular tofu, frozen and thawed
canola oil spray or Pam
shake and bake chicken or pork (they're vegan)
whole grain bread
vegan American cheese
ketchup and/or Nayonnaise

What you do: 

Slice 1 lb. block of tofu (that has been previously frozen & thawed, as you probably know this makes it chewier)into about 6 rectangles. Wrap 2 of them in white paper towels and then a cloth towel and press the water out with your palms. Spray all sides of tofu square with light coat of oil spray. Either press into Shake & Bake on plate or shake in provided bag (I also press it into the tofu w/my hands so the coating is thicker). (This may be common knowledge to some, but for those who would not think of not keep any shake and bake that you have pressed tofu into b/c the oil and liquid from the tofu will be food for microbes and could contaminate it for next time!!!)
I cook the tofu cutlets in a toaster oven on aluminum foil for about 3 min. on each side at 400 degrees F. Toast vegan bread and melt soy cheese on one slice of vegan bread in same toaster at the same time. Put together w/ketchup and/or Nayonnaise, lettuce, and tomatoes if you like.
I imagine these would be unbelievable marinated first and then fried in oil, but it would raise the sodium and fat levels substantially.

Preparation Time: 
10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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