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Tea Tree Oil Deodorant

What you need: 

2 drops organic tea tree oil

What you do: 

1. Place 1 drop tea tree oil onto finger and rub into your underarm.
2. Repeat for the other underarm.
If you want to use this after showering, wait a while for your pores to close as you would with any natural deodorant.
I decided to try this as a deodorant after I got a bottle of tea tree oil for other purposes. I knew about its antibacterial/antifungal properties so thought it could work for me as every natural deodorant I have tried has never worked that well; I always perspire a lot and end up smelling bad. This has been through a tough trial with me at work (I am a cook) in a very hot kitchen where you are moving all day long. When I got home I barely smelled anything. Then I did some research to see if anyone else uses this and it turns out that many people use this and swear by it. It may tingle just a tad but it is not painful or irritating. Do try it out gently if you have sensitive skin.
Give it a try!
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Heyy, this is cool. Deodorant at cheap rate and natural. Thanks for providing this valuable information. Now I can save the money that had been spending on branded perfumes and deodorants. Thanks.
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Yay! I'm glad you like it Yabbitgirl. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now with great success. At first I was using it as a deodorant booster, first applying it then my Tom's Long Lasting Lavender deodorant. Funny enough, I find that the Tom's actually makes me perspire more and smell worse much more quickly than if I use nothing at all. Now I skip the Tom's altogether and am cool and confident! ;)b


I did and it works! The TT smell is kind of strong at first but soon fades. I find that commercial deoderants often irritate my skin. This is soothing and no smell!


I too have a bottle of TT oil that I bought for something else, I am going to try this and report back.

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