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What you need: 

1-12 oz. pkg veggie ground round (or similar)
4 cloves garlic
1/2 small onion
4 tablespoon margarine (I use willow run)
1 1/2 cups water
2 vegetarian bullion cubes
1 cup vegan sour cream
1 package of vegan ribbon noodles (egg free)

What you do: 

Melt margerine in a large pot. Add garlic and onion and saute until soft. Add veggie ground round until slightly browned. Add water and bullion cubes to the mixture. Cook covered on medium heat for 20 minutes. Add vegan sour cream to the mixture and cook for 5 more minutes on low heat. Mix sauce with cooked ribbon noodles and enjoy!

Preparation Time: 
45 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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