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Sensational Soup

What you need: 

water (a little less then how big you want your soup)
any spices of your choice (we used: garlic, cumin, basil, salt, and a couple spice mixes)
chopped spinach
thinly chopped carrots
thinly chopped celery
a lot of very very chopped broccoli
sauerkraut juice ( a couple spoonfuls )
balsamic vinegar dressing (a couple spoonfuls should do it we used Paul Newmans )
a big spoon of olive oil
leftover mashed potatoes (1 BIG handful )

What you do: 

Put your water in a pot, put in all your spices bring to a boil.
While your water is boiling chop your veggies, and then put your veggies in.
Add your mashed potatoes then your olive oil and sauerkraut, then your dressing.
Then, wait for the veggies to get soft, then when there soft, take a couple BIG spoonfuls of the veggies ( make sure there is no broth ) and mash then with a fork until like mush.
Add this back into your soup and stir, keep stirring every now and then until it'sthe right texture for you, then put in bowls and enjoy!
Source of recipe: this was just something me and my friend did cause we were bored, but it turned out to be a yummy yummy soup! I'm sorry theres no measurements me and my friend weren't measuring!

Preparation Time: 
1 hour
Cooking Time: 
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