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Quinoa Artichoke "Special Mix"

What you need: 

1+1/2 cups (mugs) of quinoa
4 large artichoke hearts in oil (Italian style)
1 small red onion
1 red pepper
handful of mixed olives chopped
handful of cashew nuts
1/4 cup of Tahini
1 sweet eating apple (Gala)
sprinkle of pine nuts
sprinkle of hemp protein bulk (hulled hemp seed)
sprinkle of mixed seeds
2 Italian plumb tomatoes
4 table spoons balsamic vinegar
sea salt and pepper

What you do: 

This recipe is one of my best guarded secrets. Ideal for feeding the masses as part of a buffet dinner, or good as a side dish. I even have this for lunch on its own as it has very high nutritional content, fatty acids and protein.
To make this delight, cook the quinoa with slightly more water than 1 part water 1 part dry quinoa (maybe use two cups of water for 1.5 cups of dry quinoa) in a covered pot with a sprinkle of sea salt. The quinoa should soak up all the water. Put aside to cool. When the mix is still quite warm it’s best to start the "mix". I find this helps the flavors merge.
In a large mixing bowl, or serving bowl start with the quinoa.
First slice up the artichoke hearts into small pieces and mix with the quinoa. Pour some of the oil from the artichokes over also (no more than 1/4 of a cup). Then drizzle the tahini and the balsamic vinegar over the mix.
Dice the onion, pepper, and tomatoes finely (in a processor if you have one) and add them to the mix.
Slice the apple into small chunks and add to the mix.
Sprinkle over the nuts, seeds, hemp and olives.
Mix the remaining ingredients. Make sure its all mixed well and season as you wish with salt and pepper.
Serve this dish chilled or warm, don't reheat though. Once its chilled serve as cold.

Preparation Time: 
15 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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Yum. I really liked adding the tahini. I took out (actually just forgot) the vinegar, added leftober cabbage, and added mushrooms. It was delicious. Even my husband liked it. Thumbs up!


Tasty tasty tasty.  And so wholesome!  I added less vinegar than called for, as I usually do because I think it's generally too acidic.  I especially liked the unexpected tahini flavor!  Anyway, it was great!  And it made so much that I'll conveniently eating it all week. 

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