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Potato/Bean Burger

What you need: 

8 medium size potatoes - boiled and mashed
1/2 can (or approx. 150-200 g) kidney or soya beans. If canned beans, warm for about 2 microwave and then mash them roughly.
3 green chilli and a small cube of ginger minced together. (the amount can be varied acc. to taste)
3 tablesp. chopped coriander
Salt and lemon water according to individual taste
1 small onion - chopped (can be excluded/included as per desire)
your favourite cooking oil (I generally use soya oil)
bread crumbs
bread for burgers

What you do: 

Toppings can be varied according to one´s own taste andfantasy: 1 med. onion, 1/2 bunch of your favourite salad -lettuce or alike, Ketchup and/or chilli sauce.
Mix the boiled, mashed potatoes and the roughly mashed beansand add all other ingredients except last three. Mixproperly and add 1 tablesp. oil (warm in microwave for 30sec.). Oil can be excluded if one wishes exceptin cases when the potatoes are very dry (since oil gives alittle sticky consistence which keeps burger togetherinstead of it breaking in pieces).
Take the burger mixture (size : a pinch larger than tabletennis ball), and form a thin, flat burger as per the sizeof the burger vegan bread. i generally take care that there are nosplits in the flatened, formed burger or else the burgertend to break during frying.
Brush very little water/oil on both sides and apread breadcrumbs on both sides.
Warm the burger bread in the oven (according to theinformation on the package) and place the potato - beanburger and the toppings and enjoy them.
NOTE: These burgers can also be grilled. i would recommendnot using bread crumbs when grilled since that gives a drytaste.
At last, I hope you enjoy them. Please do not he'sitate tocontact me directly for further tips.

Preparation Time: 
1 hour
Cooking Time: 
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