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Perfectly Parmesan (not really) Popcorn

What you need: 

margarine (non-hydrogenated!)
nutritional yeast or Bach yeast (powder)
onion powder*
chili powder*
garlic powder*

What you do: 

Man, my mom used to drink nutritional yeast with orange juice before we discovered the popcorn application! Phew!!!
Pop as much popcorn as you wish.
Smother it in as much margarine as you wish.
Salt as you wish.
Shake on the nutritional yeast and feast, feast, feast!
This stuff is chock full of the B vitamins we veggies so often lack. My mom swears it cures warts, I dunno...but it did help me wean my kids off of real parmesan cheese.
*Okay, if you wanna give this a kick (and ruin your chance at any smooching for the next few days), just sprinkle on the last 3 ingredients; onion, garlic and chili powder and YOWZA! That's some awesome popcorn!

Preparation Time: 
15 minutes
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


I also like cumin or even a sprinkle of hot sauce, but 'tritional yeast, as my kids all called, it is essential!  I used to feed it to all the omnivore neighborhood kids, and they STILL ask how to make popcorn taste as good as mine did, in their late 20s! 
I use a 30+ year old Revere ware 3 quart pan (it's only used for popcorn, and lives on the stove), organic popcorn and peanut oil-it works perfectly every time!


I always season my popcorn with nutritional yeast, but at the risk of ruining a perfectly good pot-o-corn I tried your other ingredient suggestions, but only because you said "YOWSA!"  I am munching on it now and I must concur!  YOWSA!  :D  It's wonderful!  (Although I had to add a generous serving of salt as well)  Thank you!

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