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Pecan Rice Dish

What you need: 

brown rice
soy sauce
coconut oil (see note * )

What you do: 

Use whatever vegetables you want. Just make sure you get your greens in there. *Coconut oil is ideal to cook with and taste good. it does not taste like a coconut. I hate coconut and love coconut oil.
You basically just cook your brown rice like normal. By cooking brown rice in bulk and Tupperwaring it in the fridge, it will cut down your preparation time when it comes down to chowin down.
So, coconut oil up your pan on medium just so it looks nicely covered. Add soy sauce to your taste. I just pour it till I get the brown all soyed up, and add my broccoli and carrots under a lid to steam all this up lightly.
Reason being, broccoli is hard to digest raw so it is ideal to steam lightly to a sweet green. Same with carrots.
All amounts of ingredients is up to you. There is no mistake just toss it in. You got some eggplant limpin up in the fridge...cut it up and throw it in.
While all of this is going on, cut up your veggies whatever and how ever you like. Then take the brown rice, broccoli, and carrots and put them into a bowl and add the veggies to it. This way your veggies are still raw getting all the nutrients we need.

Preparation Time: 
20-25 mins
Cooking Time: 
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