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Almond Cream / Milk

What you need: 

1-1/3 cups raw almond
2 quarts water + water to soak
pinch salt (to bring out flavor; optional)
sweetener of choice, to taste (optional)
vanilla extract or bean, to taste (optional)

What you do: 

[u]Almond Milk[/u]:1. Cover the almonds with water, place in fridge and soak up to 24 hours
2. Drain, rinse, place in blender, and cover 2 quarts fresh water. Blend on high for 15 minutes. Add salt, sweetener, and/or vanilla.
3. In batches, press mixture firmly through a reusable coffee filter basket* (dedicated for this purpose) or cheese cloth with the back of a big spoon.
4. Transfer to a large enough lidded jar that you can shake contents.
5. The liquid is almond cream, which you can dilute as desired and use as cream/ creamer, or you can dilute it as milk. Store refrigerated for up to 1 week. It feels kinda bada** to make your own milk, and for some reason even non-vegans were impressed (and loved it).
* I put the coffee filter in a larger strainer to hold it and press the mixture over a bowl. Also, a funnel is handy for pouring into a bottle. If you use a smaller bottle, save a portion of the recipe and dilute as required.

Preparation Time: 
1 day + 15 minutes, Cooking time: n/a<br /><br />[u]Almond Meal[/u]:<br />You can make almond meal f
Cooking Time: 
n/a<br /><br />[u]Almond Meal[/u]:<br />You can make almond meal from the leftover ground almonds wh
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can i use store bought almond milk for this? its ok with me if its not as "creamy" i just dont have almonds (or time) to do this fresh.

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