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Peanut Zucchini "Bread"

What you need: 

3 cups shredded zucchini
1 cup pumpkin seeds
1/3 ground seed of choice (I used hemp seeds)
1 cup ground nut of choice (I used peanuts)
1 teaspoon of salt

What you do: 

1. Let zucchini drain for several hours (or overnight) in a strainer over a bowl.
2. Mix all ingredients in bowl. Add water if the mixture is too dry or add more nut/seed powder if it is too wet. The mixture should be moist and sticky, but not runny.
3. Spread the mixture onto dehydrator sheets so that the entire sheet is covered with a thin layer of mixture (about the width of your pinky finger). Using a knife, draw lines in the bread where you want the slices to be. This will make breaking the bread easier when it's dry.
4. Dehydrate to your liking: if you want soft bread, dehydrate less. For more of a cracker texture, dehydrate longer. Flip the bread over half way through its drying. (Sorry, but I don't want to give an actual dehydrating time as it totally depends on your dehydrator and on your texture preference).
5. When the bread is ready, break the bread into slices along the score lines.
Note: I wanted to top this bread with a nut butter, so I didn't add any spices to it to preserve a semi-neutral flavor.
Source of recipe: I wanted to make a raw "bread" that would taste great with a nut butter on top.

Preparation Time: 
15 minutes
Cooking Time: 


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