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Peanut Butter Balls

What you need: 

1/3 cup creamy peanut butter
1 tablespoon confectioners sugar (Optional)
1 1/2 cup crushed corn flakes (or other flake cereal)
1/2 cup grated carrots

What you do: 

Blend the peanut butter & sugar (we only use if we want them to think its more of a treat).
Have your little one crush the flaked cereal. We put the cereal into a Ziploc bag & let them smash with their hands or a rolling pin.
Stir the cereal, peanut butter & carrots together. Then they can roll the mixture into little balls with moistened hands. If desired roll into confectioners sugar or wheat germ. Serve with your favorite vegan milk. Yummy! The kids love to make this and eat it.

Preparation Time: 
5 min
Cooking Time: 
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Wow.. this recipe looks so incredible and I never have thought that it was possible make peanut butter balls just as the cheese balls. The taste was so superb that I liked it very even though I am not a big fan of peanut butter.

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