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Lemon and Lime Pasta

What you need: 

A couple of handfuls of small spiral pasta
3 cloves of garlic, sliced
1 Birdseye red chilli
Couple of teaspoons of lemon grass
Couple of teaspoons of lime juice
2 or 3 marinated artichoke hearts
4 slices button mushrooms
Half an onion
Good grind of sea salt
Good grind of black pepper
Olive oil
And a pint of virgins blood (just kidding!)

What you do: 

You read the name right. I concocted this recipe when I was REALLY hungry one day after not taking enough for lunch, wondering what I could cook for dinner when I got home. I did the old Chinese method of toss things in the pot and see how it tastes and came up with this yummy treat...
1. Set the water for the pasta to boil.
2. In a shallow wok, heat a couple of centimeters of olive oil. There should be enough so that when the sauce is cooked you can toss it through the pasta.
3. SLICE (do not dice, or mince) the garlic cloves. Slice the onion into rings. You won't really need the whole half unless you LOVE onion and this recipe is just for one.
4. Toss them in the wok and cook them up.
5. When they have fried for a few minutes, add the lemon grass and continue to stir.
6. Slice the chilli and add. You will only need one, these chillies are HOT.
7. When all this has stir-fried for a few moments, slice the artichoke hearts and toss in. Mix.
8. Then, slice the mushrooms, throw in, reduce heat.
9. Add a large squirt of lime juice and the sea salt and allow to simmer for a few minutes until cooked.
10. Of course, you should have tossed the pasta in the water as soon as it began to boil. Drain it once al dente, then pour the sauce over it, tossing right through.
11. Grind black pepper over the finishe'd product and enjoy... pasta with a nice Thai-flavour!
Of course, you can mix any pasta you like... I envision linguini working well. Howe'ver, the emphasis is on the sauce... so you don't want a heavy pasta that will weigh down the flavours of the sauce.

Preparation Time: 
Half hour
Cooking Time: 
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