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Heirloom French Turkey Basil Sandwich

What you need: 

3 slices tofurky or other vegan turkey slice alternative
2 tablespoon Nayonaise
2 tablespoon mustard of choice
1 beautiful, juicy, organic heirloom tomatoe (any color) sliced thin
5-10 big leaves of fresh basil (green or purple, I use both)
2 slices of french bread

What you do: 

Spread Nayonaise and mustard on vegan bread. Place basil leaves on one side. Place tomatoes on top of basil and then the tofurky and then the other piece of vegan bread. A hard to believe its vegan lunch with an italian twist. My little brother couldnt even believe it wasn't real turkey!

Preparation Time: 
3 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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