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Guacs Super Cookie

What you need: 

2 tablespoon sesame tahini
2 tablespoon almond butter (or peanut butter)
3 REALLY ripe bananas
1 tablespoon maple syrup
2-3 tablespoon vanilla soy milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup oats
sesame seeds
1/4 cup raisins
all fruit jam (if you want thumbprints)- I like trader joes

What you do: 

In a processor or blender, puree the tahini, almond butter, bananas, syrup, vanilla, soy milk, and oats. Fold in wheat flour and raisins (you can use other dried fruit- I have used cherries or apricots, figs work nice too!)
Spoon on a baking sheet. Press into rounds and sprinkle with sesame seeds. If you want to make thumbprints, roll into ball and press down with thumb. Stuff with all-fruit jam. Bake at 350 for @ 15 mins.
These are wonderful and soooo nutritious. I just made a batch and they'll be gone soon!

Preparation Time: 
10 min
Cooking Time: 
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