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Entirely Vegan Roast Reindeer Linguini

What you need: 

1 box/packet of organic linguini (or angel hair if you prefer)
2 red capsicums (bell peppers to you Americans)
1 large onion
garlic to taste (I adore garlic and use up to six or more cloves)
2 - 3 red chilies
several artichoke hearts
handful of Kalamento olives (pitted if possible)
herbs - parsley, basil, oregano, marjoram - plenty of them!
sun dried tomato pesto
black pepper and sea salt
olive oil

What you do: 

Obviously, the name of this recipe is a joke - I don't remember how it came about, me and my friends had been drinking a lot when I first cooked the recipe. Its an (extreme) variation on your typical oglio e aglio sauce.
1. Cut capsicums into thin strips. Slice the chilies and quarter the onion. Chop the artichoke hearts. Mince the garlic and the herbs.
2. Heat the oven to about 200 degrees Celsius. Pour some olive oil in the bottom of a large baking pan, and make sure it is all covered.
3. Put the ingredients from step one into the pan and mix them all about together to ensure they are all mixed up and the vegetables are thoroughly covered with the herbs and garlic.
4. Roast this in the oven for approximately forty minutes or until they are thoroughly roasted (onions should be golden and capsicum skins blistering). A very divine fragrant scent should permeate the air. Enjoy it!
5. In a large pot, boil a couple of cups of water, as much as you need to cook the amount of pasta you're using. Once boiling, drop in a smidgen of olive oil, grind some salt in and then drop the linguini in. Cook until al dente.
6. Drain the pasta in a strainer. Add a couple of big teaspoons of the pesto and flip until the pasta is covered. Then add your roasted vegetables. Again, flip until they are right through the pasta.
7. Add some cracked black pepper and sea salt, and garnish with a dash of diced parsley.
8. Serve with a glass of chilled lambrusco! Mmmm...
Angel hair can be substituted for linguini, or even spaghetti (I don't like spaghetti though, but it would work nicely). But don't use fettuccini or any other thick pasta -it bogs down the flavor of the roasted vegetables, which is the key element in this recipe. I learned from experience!

Preparation Time: 
Up to 1 and a half hours
Cooking Time: 
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