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Eds Pasta Putanesca variation 1

What you need: 

Fresh Tomatoes (about 4 roma) diced
Sun Dried Tomatoes (SDT) (about 12) soaked in water for at least an hour (keep the liquid) then sliver
garlic (around 6 cloves) minced/crushed
Hot Pepper (flakes or fresh - to taste)
Mushrooms, button (at least a 1/2 cup sliced)
basil (preferably fresh or fresh/frozen)
Sicilian Oil cured olives
Pasta (1 lb)

What you do: 

Start this when you start the water for the pasta.
Saute garlic and hot pepper in olive oil (over low heat). continue until water boils for pasta. I like the garlic to get mushy not crunchy. :)
Add mushrooms. Add Sun Dried tomatoes, basil and some of SDT the liquid. Add Fresh Tomatoes. If you like add remainder of SDT liquid.
Just before tossing with Pasta add olives.
Toss with pasta.
Ingredients (use vegan versions):
Include sweet red or yellow pepper for super rich treat use both feta and above
*If using olives - cook them with the garlic, olive oil, and pepper (you kind of want the garlic and olives to almost melt. I like to finely chop the olives.
How ever you make this treat... Leftovers make a wonderful fritata.
This is one of my variations on Pasta Putanesca (whores pasta).

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