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Easy Any Kind Bread

What you need: 

3 tablespoons oil (canola, olive, other)
1 1/2 tablespoons salt
2 cups warm/hot water (or broth, juice)
1 tablespoon egg substitute (or not)
1/2 cup extras (seeds, fruit, other)
1/2 cup dry oatmeal (or other flake grain)
5 1/2 cups flour (whole wheat, spelt, rye, other)
2 tablespoons sweetener (turbinado, evaporated, cane)
1 tablespoon dry yeast

What you do: 

I used to use bread machines, but this recipe allows me to make 4 batches (each batch = 12 bagel/rolls or 2 loaves) of delicious varieties of bread or bagel in a short time. I use a standard size sunbeam mixer. This recipe is adaptable to almost any kind of bread and works for bagels (rolls), too.
1) Put the ingredients in a large mixing bowl in the order listed. You can leave out egg replacer and extras if you want to, and can substitute flour for the oatmeal. It is fun to experiment. Herbs, sunflower, caraway, poppy seed, sesame and pumpkin seeds are delicious and nutritious extras.
2) Mix on lowest speed until the dough looks well mixed (a few minutes). If a little dry, add a little water. If a little wet, add a little flour.
3) Let it rest for awhile, then mix it again for a few minutes.
4) Put the dough in a bowl and let rise for an hour or so. It doesn't need to rise a lot. Punch it down and repeat the 1 hour rise. (While it is rising, you can make another batch)
5) Cut the dough into 2 equal parts and shape each into loaves (long, round, in pans, braided, etc) OR
6) If you want to make bagels, roll out each half into a cylinder shape, then cut each into 6 more or less equal pieces, make a hole with your finger if you want (not necessary), and let them rest for 15 minutes.
Meanwhile boil water in a big pot, then add all 12 bagels/rolls and stir them gently with a wooden spoon in the boiling water for about 4 minutes. Remove and let them drain on a cooling rack.
7) If bagel/roll, bake on a cornmeal dusted pan at 380 for 24 minutes. If bread, bake at 350 for 40 minutes.

Preparation Time: 
2.5 hours
Cooking Time: 
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