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Easy Almond Chocolate

What you need: 

1 tablespoon raw coconut oil
1 tablespoon raw almond butter
1 tablespoon raw cocoa butter (make sure it's food grade, not for skin)
1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
2 tablespoons raw agave syrup
Pinch of Himalayan crystal salt
Small handful of chopped almonds and cacao nibs

What you do: 

1) Melt coconut oil and cocoa butter together. I do this by placing them in a small metal bowl and suspending over another bowl filled with warm water. When melted, add the almond butter and agave syrup and stir. Add the salt, cacao powder and chopped nuts/cacao nibs.
2) Pour the mixture into a couple of small chocolate molds or simply a small plastic container lined with non-stick paper. You can make individual blob shapes or one bar. Pop in the freezer for 10 minutes. Then peel the chocolate from the paper and enjoy the chocolate goodness.
Source of recipe: inspired by commercial raw chocolate

Preparation Time: 
5 minutes
Cooking Time: 
1 to 2
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