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Chocolate Avocado Dream Pie

What you need: 

2 large soft avocados
2 cups vegan chocolate chips
1/8 cup soy milk, possibly more needed
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
liquid sweetener, add as much as you want depending on taste
pre-made vegan pie crust
1 tablespoon orange juice

What you do: 

Ok, so I will be honest. I have never actually made this before. But I have had it, and it was awesome. Only problem was that they wouldn't give me the recipe, so here we are. I intend to make this soon, but as I am unsure what to do I thought I would post my ideas and let anyone post variations or comments, since it is a recipe in transition.
That said, this is how I think it should be made, based on the one I had before.
Take a pre made vegan crust and lay washe'd and dried raspberries along bottom of crust.
In a double broiler melt chocolate chips with soymilk and vanilla. Add sweetener to taste. Mix well, and take off from heat after fully melted so that it does not burn.
In a separate bowl mash up the avocado, or pulse in a food processor. Add in orange juice, Get all lumps out.
After chocolate cools a bit mix it in with mashed avocado. This mixture should be thick and creamy. Test the sweetness level.
Pour over raspberries and place in fridge to set.
Enjoy! Top with a vegan whipped cream topping.
Maybe some agar agar is needed if anyone wants to try that out.

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Is there anyway to just use cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips? I guess i can buy chocolate instead..

I dont have any cocoa butter or coconut oil.. so im not sure if it would work well or not...


I just accidentally reviewed the wrong avocado pie recipe.
THIS is in fact the best pie I've made. So rich... so delicious.


This was so delicious and rich. I ended up using more soymilk when mixing the chocolate than was called for, it came out almost the consistency of cheesecake. It was very tasty. Next time I think I'm going to try to add another layer of fruit to it (perhaps bananas?) to add some addition levels of flavour. Overall, absolutely delicious.


I just made this with a few variations: I added a banana to the avocado mixture and put newman o's crumbs as the bottom layer. I also decorated the top with newman o's.

its still cooling but the taste i did have was delicous!


Wasn't this done by Alton Brown on Good Eats?

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