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Brown Rice

What you need: 

brown rice
heavy pot or skillet

What you do: 

The yummiest way I have ever found to prepare brown rice. The key is to toast the grains before steaming them (this works with other grains, too). Measure the amount of rice you want to cook, then toast it in a heavy-bottomed pan at a medium heat, until they smell roasty and a few grains begin to pop. Cook as usual. Another nice variation is to substitute sake or sherry for part of the cooking water. You will be amazed at how much tastier toasted rice is. If you find you prefer it and you're feeling ambitious, go ahead and toast lots of rice, then it'll be ready when you need it.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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Wow, what an interesting texture! It's just like couscous ^-^ and it really absorbs any sauces or seasonings used.
Thumbs up!


  I tried this with regular long grain white rice and it was delicious. What an improvement in flavor! Note that the rice cooked considerably faster than usual once it was in the water, took about 15 minutes instead of the usual 20.

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