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Breakfast Rice

What you need: 

1/2 to 1 tablespoon vegan butter
1/2 to 1 cup walnuts, chopped
1 medium apple or pear, diced
Cinnamon to taste
1 cup brown rice
Maple syrup, to taste
Soymilk, to taste

What you do: 

1) Melt vegan butter in medium pan. Add apple and nuts and sautee till apples approach tenderness. When apples are done, add cinnamon to taste. Stir, coating apples and walnuts. Add rice and mix well. When rice is warmed through and the kitchen smells of heaven, remove to bowls.
2) Drizzle with maple syrup. If you like, add soymilk. I hope you enjoy it!
Source of recipe: When discussing menus, someone listed Fried Rice with Pear. I thought she meant something like Pear Fried Rice and asked for the recipe. She meant veggie fried rice and a pear on the side but the idea of Pear Fried Rice sounded too good. As it turned out, I liked the pear but apple turned out better. MMMMmmm!

Preparation Time: 
2 minutes, Cooking time: 5 to 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
5 to 10 minutes


This sounds good... good alternative to oatmeal or other porridge like things.  I'll have to stop adding so many savory flavors to my rices for dinner (garlic, onion, pepper, etc) so I'll have some plain leftover one morning to try this :)  I don't think I'll be patient or awake enough to make the rice from scratch in the morning, unless it's a lazy weekend.

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