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Best Ever Pie Crust!!!!!!

What you need: 

2 cups of white flour
1/3 cup of water
2/3 cup of olive oil

What you do: 

Preheat oven at 350 degrees. Mix together until a ball forms. Cut in half for top and bottom. Roll out first between 2 sheets of plastic wrap. Put in pan. add filling of your choice. Roll out top and add and finish. Put in oven for 8 min. Then, Turn oven down to 250 degrees for 1 hour. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

Preparation Time: 
1hrand 8 min
Cooking Time: 
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Hey guys, I have made this recipe and others like it over and over again, for both savory and sweet applications, and I have a little advice that should be seriously helpful:

First of all, olive oil has a strong flavor that is totally awesome for savory dishes like pot pie and the like. Unfortunately it can be too rich a flavor to pair with say, blueberry pie. Fortunately, this crust works phenomenally with all kinds of oils from canola to coconut and more, so have fun experimenting.

The trick to getting it to look pretty is to roll it out between sheets of plastic wrap or parchment. I prefer plastic wrap, as it lets you see what is going on in there, and it is easier to manuever. Hope this helps somebody out. :)



So good!!!! I made a peach strudel type of thing and it was amazing. The crust was nice and flaky :) Thanks!


I will use this one again for sure, as it the best ever, and you don't mess with the best.
I used coconut oil instead of olive oil with resounding success.I also added a sprinkle of salt.
It almost tasted like shortbread dough, so it will be interesting using this dough for other applications.
This time I made a veggie pot pie and the dough was so easy to roll out and all that. I didnt need plastic wrap to roll, but I used a pastry mat from target so that could have helped with the ease of rolling.


Never been good at crust, and this one proved that as well.  It didn't work for me.  A bit too oily and it kept falling apart.  Maybe I measured wrong...?  I prefer a "butter" pie crust anyway.  Might try this again when I'm more stocked up on oil, but thinking not.


Excellent!I used this not long ago on my first ever homemade pumpkin pie, and it came out perfect! No need to look forever through premade pie crusts for a vegan one anymore. Thanks so much for sharing! ;)b


GREAT recipe! used it for tofu quiche! SO GOOD! thanks for sharing!


Great recipe! sooooo easy and tasty... I used it for a quiche and prebaked it for 12 min... i'm going to try it with a chocolate pie now with dra88 suggested changes!


All I got to say is thanks. I made this for my quiche last night. It tastes good, easy to make, and cheap. It crumbles really easily, so I have to flatten it with my fingers instead of a rolling pin.


I love this crust! It's almost too easy, actually.  :P I use whole wheat flour, and it's always worked perfectly. Eighteen thumbs up!  ;)b


This is my post. Glad so many like it! I got this  from my sister. Was asking her about the post of the strawberry pie. She said to back the crust empty and then when cool fill. She has had a lot of luck with it.

I no longer have AOL, so had to register again. After many years I am back.

Continue to use and love the crust as  much as I do!



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