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BBQd Eggplant

What you need: 

2 medium eggplants or 4/5 chinese eggplants
2 medium red peppers
3 (or more depending on your tastes) cloves of garlic with skin
olive oil

What you do: 

Wash the eggplants and peppers and pierce with a fork to allow steam to escape, put everything on the barbeque or in a toaster oven. It will take at least a half hour+ until the vegetables are properly roasted, depending on the size of the vegetables and how close they are to the heat. The garlic will be done sooner. Remove the garlic cloves when they are soft, allow the eggplant and peppers to roast until they are slightly blistered on the outside. Let cool. When everything is cool enough to handle, peel and mash together with some olive oil. You could also add spices, ie. basil for a mediteranean flavour, or cumin and corriander for a middle eastern flavour.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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Well damn.. And here I was expecting American bbq eggplant.... But this does sound delicious!

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