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Abagails Reuben

What you need: 

8 slices of whole wheat bread
Nayonaise and ketchup mixed together
1 ripe california avacado
1 cup of saurkraut

What you do: 

Toast 8 slices of vegan bread. Paint 4 slices with russian dressing (nayo and ketchup mix) and top with saurkraut. Reheat these 4 slices. Meanwhile, peel and slice the avacado and distribute on the remaining 4 slices. Put one saurkraut vegan bread on top of each avacado bread and slice each sandwich in half.
This is a colorful sandwich. Pink and yellow and green. Its pretty.

Preparation Time: 
20 min
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


Okay, I will preface my comment by stating that I have not made a full transition to being meatless, but my hubby and I are working on it.  He's actually being a lot more disciplined than me so far.  I say this because today I made my first recipe from the vegweb site.  I made Abigail's Reuben.  Being a true Reuben lover, I had to see how this would work for me.  It was pretty good, but I have to admit that it ended up with a bit of Jarlsburg cheese on each sandwich.  The only other change I made was that I mashed the avocado instead of slicing it.  But, both my hubby and I will eat it again...and probably still with the cheese.  Does this make us lacto-vegetarian?  I'm still figuring out the terminology.  I will say that I was very excited to find this website because I needed some creative ideas for using up all the vegetables we purchased at our Neighborhood Co-op. 

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