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Garlic, Ginger and Dill Cream Sauce

What you need: 

approx.. 1 cup thick cashew milk (see below how to make cashew milk)
small handful fresh dill, chopped fine (I don't think dried dill will give the same effect)
couple cloves garlic (or more, I use a lot)
about 1/2 tablespoon or more fresh grated ginger (I use a lot of this also)
about 1/4 cup chopped portabella mushroom
salt and pepper to taste
soy milk or thinner cashew milk (optional, if the sauce is too thick for you)
a little olive oil to saute the garlic

What you do: 

Note: These measurements are mostly all approximate because I rarely measure when I cook and are for 1 serving. Increase recipe to your own judgment.
In a saucepan heat the olive oil on med-low heat and add the garlic when its hot. Saute the garlic and ginger for a couple minutes and then add the mushrooms, saute until mushrooms are tender. Add the cashew milk and dill and turn the heat up to high or med-high, keep stirring it otherwise the mixture tends kind of stick to the bottom. Add salt and pepper to taste. It will start to get pretty thick after about a minute or less so add the soy milk or thinned cashew milk now if you want a thinner sauce, otherwise just keep stirring until its thoroughly heated. Serve over your favorite pasta. I toss it with homemade whole wheat fettuccini, sooo good.
In a blender, blend 3-4 tablespoons raw cashew pieces with 1 cup water, add the water a little at a time until you've added it all and you have a creamy white milk. Strain it a few tablespoons at a time and reserve both the milk the thick cream that is left in the strainer after you push through the liquid, as it is a great coffee creamer or dessert cream base.

Preparation Time: 
10 min
Cooking Time: 
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