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Zucchini Ball Noodle

What you need: 

3 servings of wide noodles (or your favorite pasta shape)
1 cup zucchini sliced into quarter-rounds
3/4 cups sun-dried tomatoes, chopped
9 vegan meatballs
olive oil
1/4 cup or more red wine vinaigrette
1/2 cup water
Italian seasonings

What you do: 

Start water boiling, then cook pasta according to package directions. Put a 1/2 Dollar size amount of olive oil in hot cast iron pan, or other stir-fry pan, add zucchini and stir. When the zucchini is well coated with oil add 1/2 cup water and 1/4 cup or less of vegan red wine vinaigrette and continue stirring occasionally and add frozen meatless meatballs, when they are thawed, cut them in half.
Add sun dried tomatoes stir and add more water if needed to provide steam to cook everything, don't let things stick too much. Add Italian seasonings to your taste.
When the pasta is done, drain and rinse. You want the zucchini to be somewhat golden browned, I call this method steam-frying, (oil for non-sick and water for steam without too much fat). When the ball-ball mixture are warmed, everything is done. Add pasta to ball-ball mixture or vice versa and stir .
Eat and enjoy!

Preparation Time: 
25 minutes
Cooking Time: 


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