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Warm You to the Core Winter Root Stew

What you need: 

burdock (gobo) root
lotus root
onions (yellow, white, or red)
dried shiitake mushrooms
nama shoyu (unpasteurized soy sauce; may substitute with salt)
olive oil
grated ginger or bottled ginger juice
peppercorn medley (black, white, pink, and green peppercorns, or similar)
arrowroot powder

What you do: 

1. Chop all roots into thumb size or slightly larger chunks (burdock, carrots, daikon, lotus root, onion, rutabaga, and turnips). Chop the kale up into ribbons. Crumble up the dried shiitakes into 1/4- to 1-inch pieces. (Use a cross cut that is on a slightly north south axis. Yeah, it's a macro technique, but I swear to all that is holy, it makes a difference, a big difference for those who are sensitive to the influences of different foods on how they feel. )
2. 'Frow all dem stuffs in a big ol' pot. Heat up the pot with ingredients in it. Add a little shoyu to help the vegetables start sweating a bit. Add a little bit of olive oil. Stir them a few times and heat until they are all warmish, then fill water to about an inch above the veggies. Add an additional 1 tablespoon olive oil if you feel the need. I usually do.
3. Bring to a boil then lower to a simmer for 60 minutes or so. Use your intuition. When I make this on a lazy Sunday, I may simmer it for up to 2 hours, but I always stop way before roots turn to mush. Test with a fork to get the to desired softness.
4. About 15 minutes before taking stew of the stove, add 1 to 3 tablespoons of shoyu, squeeze the juice out of about 1 tablespoon grated ginger (use your hands, unless you prefer another method), and add pepper medley. If you like, dissolve some arrowroot in a 1/4 cup of cold water and stir into stew to thicken further.
5. Toast up your favorite bread. I love a good sourdough or a rye pumpernickel swirl with a little vegan margarine, or you can put some pita chips over it and you might lose your mind, yyyyes!! (Keep the flour additions to a minimum if you are having any sinus or chest congestion.)
Garnish with lazy dog at your feet, a cracklin' fire and maybe a good book and a nap for dessert. Enjoy!! ......I got' seconds on the stove right now, niiice.
Source of recipe: Uh, so I just threw some stuff together and it worked out real good like.

Preparation Time: 
20 minutes, Cooking time: 2 hours
Cooking Time: 
2 hours
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