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Tofu with Brussel Sprouts and 'Cots

What you need: 

Brussels sprouts
vegetable broth
canola oil
dried apricots

What you do: 

Heat a tablespoon of canola oil in a wok or pan. Wash and halve about ten Brussels sprouts, chop up a half cup of dried apricots, three servings of tofu, two cloves of garlic, and slice a half of an onion into rings and toss em into the pan. Stir a couple times a minute for about two minutes. Then add in a cup of vegetable broth and cook until all the water from the broth has evaporated. Make sure the Brussels sprouts have a brownish sliced-open side before serving.
Source of recipe: i was stir frying some veggies, and i mixed up some stuff and it turned out great.

Preparation Time: 
no more than 5 minutes, Cooking time: no more than ten minutes
Cooking Time: 
no more than ten minutes
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