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Tangy Thai Peanut Pasta

What you need: 

4 servings Fusili Pasta
4 tablespoons chunky/smooth peanut butter
2 tablespoon tangy Thai chile sauce
2 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce

What you do: 

Boil pasta until tender; Drain Put pasta back into warm pot and onto burner, turn the burner to lowest setting
Add peanut butter, and chile sauce stir well. If it gets to dry add water.
When peanut butter and sauce are well incorporated add soy sauce and stir. Let simmer until sauce is thick , but not chunky.
Great with broccoli.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 


I made this tonight, but suspecting it might be too hot for my comfort, I halved both the chili sauce and the soy sauce. It was still quite spicy but absolutely delicious! I'm thinking no one could eat it if the correct amount of chili sauce were added so perhaps the error is on my end: did I get the wrong kind of sauce? I bet I did. Checking now...

Ok, it doesn't specifically say "Thai" on it.  It's called "Sriracha" hot sauce, made by asian foods. Wow!!! HOT!!!

Other than the hot-sauce question, this was very tasty. I'll definitely make it again (perhaps with Thai chili sauce next time -- LOL!)


I made this w/o the spicy sauce. I also added garlic powder and a touch of cinnamon. I used crunchy Peanutbutter and spaghetti noodles. It was awesome. Me and my sister ate it for dinner. It took my about 15 minutes total to make. Thanks!

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