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Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Reduced Cider Sauce

What you need: 

4 large sweet potatoes
1/2 cup flour at a minimum, more might be needed
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
salt and pepper
1 cup apple cider vinegar
3-4 fresh sage leaves roughly chopped
1 red apple cored and chopped up
1/2 cup apple juice
sugar if needed

What you do: 

Bake the sweet potatoes in 450 F oven until soft. The cooking time varies depending on size of potato, etc.
Peel, mash, and add cinnamon, salt to taste and pepper to taste.
Mix in flour until dough holds its shape, but do not add too much that it becomes too stiff and hard to manage.
Roll out and then roll pieces of dough. Roughly 1 inch balls. Cook these in salted boiling water until they float to the top.
As you are baking the potatoes make the sauce.
In a sauce pan add the vinegar and apple cider and allow to reduce by half at a slow boil. Add in the apple chunks so that they get soft but don't fall apart. When the sauce is reduced add in the sage, salt, and pepper to taste, and sugar if needed.
This sauce is more like a dressing so it will just cover and soak into the gnocchi. Other sauces can be used instead, creamy ones are good also. Very good with a thanksgiving meal!!!

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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I was thinking about it over night and came out with a possible solution
it can be that I just over cooked the sweet potatoes. maybe if I didnt over cooked them so much they would have came out more stiff and less soft and then I would needed less flour and they tasted better.
if you try this recpie just cook them until they a bit soft but not too much.


I think this is a problematic recpie also
I also added endless flour until it didnt stick soo much...
then everything went actually like it should be. but the Gnocchi feel "not ready" i feel like I am eating dough and I really worry that I will get stomach ache later. on the other hand I dont feel good about throwing away to the waste. Sweetpotato are expensive here... i think I will wait for one of my flatmates to come and ask them what they think. I didnt finish to make all the batch because its really much work..
I think that the people that had problems, you just didnt use enough dough, but anyway this recpie is weird. I will be happy to hear from someone who did it and though its really good.

by the way I didnt make the sauce because doing the gnocci themself is enough work for one evening  :-\


I hate to give a bad review but this recipe went horribly for me.  The dough was way to sticky - I added a couple extra cups of flour and it still was goopy.  Then I put the dough into the boiling water and most of it turned into mush.  The sauce was really vinegary and made my whole apartment smell bad. The flavor of the (small amount) of salvageable gnocchi was  good though, so I'm really disappointed it didn't work for me.  I guess if you used a lot less sweet potato and a lot less vinegar this could turn out, but I feel too defeated to try it again.


:-\ this was such a disaster for me! I have no idea of where I went wrong, but they're almost impossible to eat. The sauce has waaay too much vinegar, the gnocchi taste as if I'd just mixed flour with water...I dunno, it was really bad  :-[... I'll try making these some other time and see if I can make them edible...


so! i made this again and it was woooooooonderful!  vegan potluck night means my friend and i who made there danced to frank sinatra while rolling gnocchi.  it does take muuuuch more flour, like laur b. said but is super great!  I ended up keeping them in the oven until people showed up which gave them a dryer consistency, but because they were a bit wet, this actually made them much tastier.  i made a soymilk/diced tomato/ spinach/ basil/ crushed red pepper sauce and it was all gone shortly thereafter.  many thanks again!


This was pretty good! Just a note that I needed way more flour than 1/2 cup. I probably used about 3 cups and I only used 3 sweet potatoes. I just kept adding flour until the dough didn't stick to my hands anymore.

These were really great just on their own. I did make the cider sauce though, and as another reviewer said, it is really really really vinegar-y. Next time I'd use only about 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar. To cut the acidity I drizzled some soy margarine over the gnocchi.

Another note- I piled the gnocchi on top of each other before I cooked them. I sprinkled them with flour as I did so, but they still stuck together, which made for very heterogenous and oddly shaped gnocchis because as I pried them apart they lost their shape. I suggest laying them in single layers if possible.


i made this last night for two of my sisters, a nephew, and a neice... delicious, indeed.  i probably used too much vinegar in the sauce, but the gnocchi was amazing by itself.  many many thanks! i'll definately make this again for vegan potluck night! :)


Made these ages ago (b4 changes to site made!) and wasn't a member, now i've taken the plunge and had to say "thank you" for this recipe. They were absolutely gorgeous!

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