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Sweet Pickles

What you need: 

cucumbers to fill 2 gallon jar
2 cups salt
2 cups pickling lime
1 to 2 gallons apple cider vinegar
4 pounds sugar
1/2 cup whole cloves

What you do: 

This recipe requires 13 consecutive days. After the 13 days the pickles do not need to be canned, frozen or otherwise. Just eat them and keep them stored in the jar (or in mason jars in the fridge).
Day 1. Place washed pickles in 2 gallon jar and add boiling water to cover. Add 2 cups salt and stir until mostly mixed. (Not all of the salt will mix with the water) Let stand 24 hours.
Day 2. Pour off the brine (the salt and water mixture) and cover again with fresh boiling water. Add the 2 cups of pickling lime, stir well, and let stand 24 hours.
Day 3. Pour off the water and pickling lime and rinse pickles completely. Cover with boiling water only and let sit 24 hours.
Day 4. Pour off water. Boil vinegar and pour over cucumbers. Add whole cloves to jar. Let stand for 9 days. After 9 days in vinegar, remove vinegar and majority of cloves from jar and slice cucumbers into 1/2" slices. Place slices back into the 2 gallon jar. After each layer of sliced cucumbers add a layer of sugar. Use your judgment to decide whether they are sweet enough for your taste or not. We usually use a 4 pound bag of sugar for each jar of pickles. The sugar will sweeten and release the juice of the cucumbers.
I usually keep the cucumbers in the jar until I've eaten them all. They are best served cold so I'll keep a pint jar of these pickles in my fridge. I especially enjoy them on tomato sandwiches, but they are good just about anytime!
Source of recipe: Again, this is another one of my grandmother's recipes. It does take a while but the end result is amazingly awesome.

Preparation Time: 
13 days
Cooking Time: 


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