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Sugo Vegan style

What you need: 

1 lb.carrots
1/2 lb.mushrooms
4 or 5 stalks celery
1 small stalk leek
1 hot red chili pepper
1/2 litre or 1 pint tomato juice
instant vegetable stock
1 pinch to 1 teaspoon sugar to taste
lemon juice (just a little)
tamari (to taste)
extra virgin olive oil

What you do: 

Cut the leek and chili pepper very finely. (Note: Best wash your hands carefully after cutting the chili pepper, otherwise you will get a nasty surprise if you rub your eyes or even touch your face!)
Chop carrots, mushrooms and celery very finely (in fact I used a food processor). Ideally the pieces should be as small as rice grains so the flavours blend really well. At this stage, if you have other veggies around, you can simply add them (good way of using up half a zucchini or so).
Sauté everything in the olive oil. Add instant vegetable stock, vegan sugar and lemon juice for seasoning, and tomato juice for consistency. The sugo should not be too dry, but like a very thick sauce. Leave to simmer for about half an hour until the carrot bits are tender (by then everything else will be done as well).
Add tamari to taste - it may not be necessary at all.
Serve with any type of pasta - you can even use it in lasagne.

Preparation Time: 
45 min
Cooking Time: 
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