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Steamed Vegetable Sandwich (vegan)

What you need: 

2 slices Bread (OR Pita/Pocket Bread sliced in half)

Sliced Vegetables (total amount to fit inside two slices of bread to become a sandwich)

Breadspread (hummus, tahini, Nayonnaise, mustard, etc.)


If your diet doesn't exclude bread (as more and more diets today do - gluten-free, weight reduction, etc.), and you want a nutrient-rich diet (Dr. Joel Fuhrman calls this the "nutritarian" approach), the steamed vegetable sandwich may be for you.

Nearly ANY low cost but tasty vegetable provides the base (filler).
Enough to cover the bread of any shape or size 

Several vegetables could be layered into, onto, or across one another.
Adjust this by (a) one's own culinary and aesthetic "eye" AND (b) culinary experience 

Lettuce or romaine and any "breadspread" (hummus, tahini, mustard, Nayonnaise, etc.) can "lubricate" or "smoothe out" the taste of the bread.  THIN layer of "breadspread"
Adjust this by (a) one's own culinary and aesthetic "eye" AND (b) culinary experience 

A whole grain bread provides the outside.
Two slices (one for the "top" and one for the "bottom" - though it's all relative to time and space) 

We don't WANT animal products in our sandwiches because the vegetables are SO intensely flavorful.



What you do: 


Select the vegetables and the bread and the breadspread and leafy and/or complementary sandwich vegetables (tomatoes are TOO wet here, so THEY are better included as a sliced vegetable ADDED COLD in the sandwich)

Spread any "breadspread" onto each of the two slices of whole grain (or other) bread

Cut the "filler ingredients" to shape to fit the bread

Steam the filler ingredients to a malleable softness
    STEAM all the vegetables together in a microwave OR saute them in a skillet.

The steaming approach is delightful for low-fat sandwiches; the microwaving inside a microwaveable container is said to "seal the nutrients into" the vegetables during the cooking. 

Stack the filler ingredients onto the "breadspreaded bread"

Cut in half or in quarters (toothpick, please)

Eat OVER a plate arge enough to capture any leaking "juices" (dryness is difficult to estimate)

Enjoy the savory tastes of nutrient-rich vegetables blended together

Preparation Time: 
8 minutes
Cooking Time: 
3-4 minutes


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