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Spinach & Cashews/Rice Wraps with Spicy Peanut Sauce

What you need: 

one 10 oz bag spinach
1/4 cup each of cashews & slivered almonds
2 cups cooked (1c pre cooking) brown basmati rice
2 Tablespoons real peanut butter (or organic)
1/3 cup Riesling or any white wine or good vinegar
1/3 cup soy sauce
some grated ginger root
touch of cayenne
good size organic wheat tortillas (total of 4)
wok oil

What you do: 

I generally use 2 cups of already cooked rice so this is quicker, but if you need to cook up 1 cup rice to 2c water. Set aside. I then add few drops of wok oil in wok or frying pan (large size) toast the cashews and slivered almonds in the wok oil, then toss in the 10 oz bag of fresh spinach kinda toss it around till it is thoroughly wilted.
Mix in a small saucepan, your peanut butter (sometimes I do half Peanut butter half tahini) a little dab of wok oil (the brand I use has garlic, ginger added) stir in the White vegan wine or vinegar, and the soy sauce, add the garlic, ginger, cayenne...whatever other spices make it spell delicious to you. :)
I then assemble tortillas by putting few spoonfuls each rice/spinach nut mixture, then drizzling whole thing with the spicy peanut sauce! Fold them like a burrito, I can fit 4 of them in a 9 x 13in. pan, cook at 375* for 10-15 minutes!

Preparation Time: 
30 min-45 min
Cooking Time: 
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Very good and simple!



This is a recipe I submitted around 7 years ago under my name shortcheryl @ home. com that was back when my cable modem was run by att @ home. They were bought out by Mediacom. So my email changed to shortcheryl @ mchsi. com but I could not log in as I had forgotten my password. it just ticked me off that MY recipe that I created is now being credited to the admin staff....when i worked my butt of in the process of creating it!

Thank you,

Cheryl Short./StarsMuse currently most often using cmshort62 @ gmail. com


Arrgh, now I find this recipe!
I just went and tried to cook whatever was in the fridge, decided it might be original, but nooo! lol :D
Why did I not think of adding cashews?.. hmm we have a whole bag in the cupboard.. oh well..
I used mountain bread and white rice with some cumin stirred through, chucked some eggplant on the boil with the sauce ingredients minus the cashews, cayenne and vinegar, added some curry powder for some reason.. Then the yummy baby spinach... drooool..
It's almost the same, just with eggplant.. weird..spooky.. hahha!


LOVE this recipe! So quick and easy, and so yummy. I think I will use my own peanut sauce recipe next time, as I prefer less vinegar.

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