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Savory & Spicy Shepherd's Pie

What you need: 

3 baking potatoes, peeled & diced

1.5 ounces of Unsweetened dairy-alternative milk (soy, almond, rice)

1/4 cup of Red Hot or Sriracha

1 package of Soy crumbles

1 can of beans (I used a medley, pick your favorite)

1 can of diced tomatoes (garlic & onions, jalapeno, your preference)

1 cup of carrots, minced

1 cup of zucchini, diced

1 cup broccoli or cauliflower, cut into small florets

1 cup of corn

1 1/2 cups of vegetable broth

2 tbs of Italian Spices

2 tbs spicy mustard

2 tbs ketchup

2 (1 + 1) tsp curry powder

1 cup Rice, Quinoa, lentils or your favorite grain (uncooked)

1 tsp Sea salt or Himalayan Pink salt

2 tsp of fresh ground black pepper

1 1/2 cups of Cheese-alternative shreds (optional)

What you do: 

First fill a pot 2/3 of the way with hot water. Pots with built-in colanders/strainers work especially well for boiling potatoes, but are not necessary. Set on stove over high heat to bring to a boil. Meanwhile, wash and peel your potatoes, then dice them into 1/2 inch cubes. Set aside.

Take a medium pot and follow the directions on the package of your favorite grains for making 1-cup of final product. I chose rice which required boiling 2 cups of water with 1 cup of grain for 15 minutes.

When your large pot is boiling, add the potatoes carefully and cook on high-heat for 15 minutes (or until soft, check by poking with a knife), uncovered.

Meanwhile, wash all your vegetables. Cut the broccoli with kitchen scissors into small florets. Dice your zucchini into 1/4 inch cubes. Mince your carrots with a slap-chop or finely dice them with a sharp knife.

In a medium-large pot, add your frozen or thawed soy crumbles. Add the can of tomatoes with its juices. Put over a medium-high heat. Add the vegetable broth and Italian spices, hot sauce, and chopped veggies. Stir and cover with lid for 10 minutes.

Drain your grain. In a large casserole dish (~13x11x3), dump your grain and flatten it into all covers evenly with a spatula. Set aside. Drain your potatoes and put them into a large bowl. Add your milk, mustard, and ketchup. Mix with an electric blender or by hand until smooth. Set aside in microwave or other warm place.

Drain and rinse your beans. Stir this into your vegetables. Add salt, pepper, and 1 tsp of curry powder. Your liquid should be evaporating at this point, but not dry. Make sure your oven is empty and begin preheating to 350 F.

Now using a serated serving spoon, begin to laddle the mixture into your casserole dish, covering your grain base. Make sure to leave room for the potato topping. Any leftover filling makes for a great soup. Pack down evenly. Grab your whipped potatoes and use a clean, non-serated spoon to cover the filling. Use a spatula to smooth the topping uniformly over everything and scrap the sides of your bowl clean.

In a very small bowl mix the remaining curry powder, a squirt of mustard, and a few dashes of hot sauces. Drip this over the potatoes and spread with your spatula. You can now sprinkle vegan cheese, if desired. Once your oven is at 350 degrees, put the casserole dish in for 30 minutes.


Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 


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